PROTECTION MARRIAGE - Potential questions from an official at a Foreigner Office hearing

When and on which occasion did you meet your wife/husband? Where was that?

Through whom did you get to know each other?

When did you decide to marry? Who made the proposal?

When and from which authority did you receive the necessary certification for the marriage ceremony?

When and where did you buy the wedding rings and wedding dress?

Where will you go for your honeymoon?

How do your future plans together look?

Where do you want to live and how will you finance it?

Have you already lived together, or are you living together now?

Can you imagine marrying overseas and living there with your partner?

How did you celebrate your engagement? Did friends or relatives come?

Where do your parents live?

Where do the parents of your partner live?

What are the parents full names?

What are your parents-inlaws's full names?

Which language do you use to communicate? Who translates?

Who cooks the meals for each other?

Who buys the groceries?

Who carries out most of the housework?

What common interests/hobbies do you and your partner share?

Do you have the same friends? If so, please give their full names.

Have you already taken a holiday together? If so, where?

How do you maintain communication with your partner?

How often do you telephone each other?

How often do you write to each other?

How frequently do you see each other?

Describe the course of your day together?

What did you do last weekend?

How did you celebrate Christmas and the New Year?

What gifts did you give each other for Christmas, your birthdays and for your engagment?

Do you watch television together? If so, what programs?

Do you have any photos together?

Describe the appearance of your partner.

What colour are your partner's eyes?

How tall is your partner?

Does you partner drink coffee, or rather tea and if so how do they take it? Black, with milk, sugar?

What are your partner's hobbies?

What is your partner's favorite food?

Does you partner shave dry or wet?

What brand of perfume does your partner wear?

What does the house/dwelling of your partner look like exactly?

How often have you had contact with your partner's family up until now?

What is the occupation of your partner and what sort of education does he/she posess?

Where does he/she work?

Where and how do you live presently?

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